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Boarke group Machinery has the best selection for sanding machine, belt sander, turning Sander, or spindle sander. From interior finishing and renovation work to carpentry and handicraft work, the areas of application for grinders/sanders are as diverse as the spectrum of materials that can be worked on. Application the: Surface sanding, Edge sanding, 3D sanding, Solid wood and panel processing, Veneer sanding, Lacquer sanding and high-gloss production. Sanding is the last process before painting, it process the sawing, planning or milling surface become smooth and meticulous for painting or assembly.

l   Oscillating edge sander

l   Auto sanding machine

l   Tilting spindle sponge sanding machine

l   Vertical sponge drum sanding machine

l   Horizontal curve sanding machine

l   Universal copy profile sanding machine

l   Curved round rod sander
Drum sander - suitable for sanding curved surfaces and objects of various shapes, and can be installed with grinding wheels or abrasive cloth strips.

Oscillating Sander - Mainly used for sanding the sides of straight or curved parts.


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