Product Description

Roller Conveyor (Option)

Standard length is 1M. Any length can be made.

Unloading conveyor is with stadia rod and alu. extruded rear fence.

Stadia Rod (Option)

Stadia Rod is used on unloading roller conveyor. It is convenient for fixed length and repeated sawing of a large number of production lines.

There are 3 kinds of Stadia Rod, fixed Stadia Rod, flipping stadia rod and lifting stadia rod.

Safety Switch (Option)

When operator approaches the cutting area, the safety switch controls T-clamp and not to cut.

Safety Guard (Option)

The complete safety for fast sawing of operation and keep the operator away from the sawing area.

  • The surface of the table is precisely grinded to keep the precision of sawing.
  • The sawblade on the left side is standard, shown as picture. (The sawbalde on the right side is optional.)
  • Cycle speed is adjustable and up to 45 per minute.
  • The machine is operated by air pressure. Feet switch controls sawing and homing. (Optional, press the button with both hands)
  • Powerful 7.5HP (10HP) motor
  • T-clamp is easily adjusted for thickness of work-piece.
  • Quick and easy blade replacing.
  • Proper dust collection design to keep cabinet
Cutting capacity (Thickness x Width)    2" x 12", 3" x 11", 4" x 10"
Cycle speed 45 cuts/min 
Cycle operation  Pneumatic
 Saw blade diameter (Option) ø18"
Saw arbor diameter ø1"/ 30mm
Saw blade speed 3600 rpm
Dust exhaust diameter ø4" x (1) 
Saw arbor motor 7.5HP/ 10HP(optional)
Table size 660X 690mm
Net weight 350 kgs
 Gross weight 410 kgs
Packing dimensions(LxWxH) 770x 780x 1350mm