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Applications:Flat coating with UV base/surface, PU, NC , and water-based lacquer for floor/furniture/wood slice/glass/wall plane/tile/plywood, and so on.

Roller Coater:Feature - This machine is applied for flat coating, providing workpieces of smooth finishing and consistent color.

Curtain Coater:Feature - The machine is applicable for UV, PU, NC, and water-based lacquer paint, suitable for surface coating for various K/D furniture, wooden toys, and composite figures, etc.

UV Curing Machine:

  • Instant drying permits immediate consecutive processing for saving considerable time.
  • Suitable for online operation. After coating, workpieces can be directly dried. The benefits are eliminating workpiece handing time, reducing workpiece storing space, and increasing production efficiency.
  • After drying, the product surface hardness will increase and features an extra fine finish.
  • Wide application range including plane or 30 workpieces, such as wood products, furniture, and construction materials, etc

High Efficient Water Washable Painting Booth:

  • Emplys water flow o flush the paint dust to avoid fire.
  • A suction pump permits water purification and circulation for water saving performance.
  • The high-capacity axial flow exhaust fan can rapidly exhaust waste gas, which helps reduce harm to the health of operators.