• Besides sawing, can cut grooves and adjust cutting speed, which can make the surface smooth. Cut large area for board, also.
Motor horsepower 3ψ2HP
Motor speed 50HZ 2900 r.p.m.
60HZ 3400 r.p.m.
Bearing track 4pcs
Spindle diameter ψ1”(25.4mm)
Saw blade diameter 12”(305mm)
Rotary head 0-180°
Head tilt (0°,22°,45°,90°)
The maximum width of the trimming 800mm
The maximum capacity of crosscutting 420mm
Table area ( length * width ) 420*800mm
Mechanical Dimensions 800*650*1100mm
Packing size 800*560*720mm
Net  / Gross 150/160kgs
The outer diameter of the saw blade 10” 12”
Cutting thickness 55mm 80mm