Motor horsepower 3ψ2HP
Motor speed 50HZ 2900 r.p.m.
60HZ 3400 r.p.m.
Bearing track 4pcs
Spindle diameter ψ1”(25.4mm)
Saw blade diameter 12”(305mm)
Rotary head 0-180°
Head tilt (0°,22°,45°,90°)
The maximum width of the trimming 800mm
The maximum capacity of crosscutting 420mm
Table area ( length * width ) 420*800mm
Mechanical Dimensions 800*650*1100mm
Packing size 800*560*720mm
Net  / Gross 150/160kgs
The outer diameter of the saw blade 10” 12”
Cutting thickness 55mm 80mm