Product Description

Panel-Length Sensor

The sensor is used for detecting the panel length. Once the panel length cut is finished, the saw carriage fast return to its home position.

Panel Stopper

Panel Stopper is fitted on the fence which provides convenient and fast setting of cutting size.

Panel Stops on Rear Table
Two rear tables are fitted with stops for upgrading square accuracy of panel cutting.

Saw Carriage Driven by Gear

Saw Carriage is driven by a 2HP motor and transmitted through gear and rack mechanism. The outstanding of transmission design assures smooth feeding under heavy cutting.

Synchronous Pressing Beam

Elevation of Pressing beam is driven by air cylinders, combined with by gear.

The gears on both sides of the pressing beam are connected by a connecting rod. Simultaneously lift up and down on both sides of the pressing beam. Ensure that the pressing force is evenly distributed.

Main motor 13HP(15HP) 13HP(15HP) 13HP(15HP)
Saw carriage drive motor 2HP 2HP 2HP
Cutting table 5~60M/Min 5~60M/Min 5~60M/Min
Roller table 300x1200mmx3sets 300x1200mmx3sets 400x1200mmx4sets
Main sawblade  Ø355mm(Ø405mm)   Ø355mm(Ø405mm)   Ø355mm(Ø405mm)
Arbor diameter  Ø1"  Ø1"  Ø1"
Main blade arbor speed  4400RPM   4400RPM   4400RPM
Scoring sawblade  Ø160mm   Ø160mm  Ø160mm
Arbor diameter   Ø1"    Ø1"   Ø1"
Scoring blade arbor speed  6200R.P.M  6200R.P.M 6200R.P.M
Cutting length  2550mm 3050mm  3700mm 
Cutting thickness  80mm(100mm)   80mm(100mm)   80mm(100mm)
Air pressure  5~6kg/cm2   5~6kg/cm2   5~6kg/cm2
Machine dimensions(LxWxH)  5200x3270x1740mm   5800x3270x1740mm  6400x3270x1740mm
Packing size 5440x1050x1840mm 5900x1050x1840mm 6500x1050x1840mm