• 6 top and 4 bottom feeding rollers have powerful feeding.
  • Built-in alloy working table is by chrome-plated and excellent-wear resistance.
  • Full-power feeding wheel is with the strongest feeding force.
  • The grooved surface of the feeding wheel effectively improves the feeding effect.
  • Large horsepower options: 30, 40, 50, 60, 75 HP.
  • Each feeding wheel is universal shaft to drive individually.
  • The upper feeding wheel is electrically lifted.
  • The saw shaft is electrically lifted.
  • Lifting control of feeding wheel and saw shaft are with limit control.
  • Feeding is controlled by frequency converter, variable feeding speed(optional).
  • Top and bottom anti-kickback fingers are for safety protection.
  • Auto power off when the guard is opened.
Max. thickness of cut 125 mm
Max. width of cut 305 mm
Saw blade diameter 16" (403mm) 18" (457mm)optional
Saw spindle speed 2900 - 3000 RPM
Saw spindle diameter Φ70 mm MLR
Feed speed 2.5M - 15 M/min
Number of feed rollers 6
Number of table rollers 4
Table surface area (wide) 355 mm
Table surface area (length) 2240 mm
Saw spindle motor 30、40、50 、60、75HP(optional)
Feed drive motor 5HP
Saw spindle elevation motor 1 HP
Feed roller elevation motor 1 HP
Net weight 2000 KGS
Gross weight 2400 KGS
Machine size 2721 x 1324 x 1549 mm
Packing Dimensions 2921 x1524 x1803mm