Product Description

Accurate adjustment of boring unit and speed stabilizer.

Adjustable boring unit.

3M rule gauge and 4 adjustable stoppers (optional).

The rule gauge is set longitudinally for longitudinal drilling operations.

Tilting boring unit.

  • The machine is constructed of single line horizontal boring unit.
  • The boring unit can be changed from horizontal to vertical drilling by pneumatic setting.
  • The boring unit can be tilted manually for angular drilling.
  • Entire boring cycle can be fast and conveniently accomplished by pressing on the foot switch.
  • Drill feed speed can be conveniently adjusted on control panel.
  • Standard furnished with 27-spindle boring head (HS-27T) , or 35-spindle boring head (HS-35T).
  • Two fences provide convenient positioning of the workpiece.
  • Mechanical digital readouts are provided for such boring unit, providing accurate adjustment.
  • The speed stabilizer is available providing smooth feeding against the workpiece.
  • The depth of drilling is controlled by six boring depths selector.
  • Fences: Two fences are provided or drilling small and big panels. *Two fences are provided for drilling small 4 adjustable stoppers for repetitive drilling operations.
  • Quickly chucks provide confide convenient fitting and dismantling for boring bits. Standard attached with 1/3 pcs.
Max. distance between center 32mm 32mm 32mm
Number of spindle per boring head 21 27 35
Max. drilling depth 75mm 75mm 75mm
Boring head adjustment 0°~90° 0°~90° 0°~90°
Table size  872 x 490mm  1070 x 490mm 1325 x 490mm
Spindle speed 2800rpm 2800rpm 2800rpm
Motor 2.5HP 2.5HP 2.5HP x 2
N.W./G.W. 350kgs/430kgs 400kgs/480kgs/550kgs/650kgs 550kgs/680kgs
MACHINE SIZE 968 x 820 x 1220mm 1220 x 820 x 1370mm 1470 x 820 x 1250mm
PACKING SIZE 1143 x 889 x 1372mm 1270 x 889 x 1372mm 1550 x 889 x 1372mm