• Rapid processing on automatic mode increases capacity.
  • The vertical spindle is installed on both the upper and lower sawblades to trim raw edges. To cutting tenons and mortises is at one time.
  • The precision linear guideways are used on the front and rear slideways. The processing is precise and smooth.
  • Control panel can be operated with one or two hands for novice or skilled operators to operate and with the high security.
  • Double chains run synchronously ensuring accurate squares of cut.
  • Specially designed automatic workpiece retraction eliminates jamming problems. Suitable for general tenon and par guest machining.
  • Independent control box can moved to any operation position as desired.
  • Top and side clamps hold workpieces firmly.
Number of rails 2 2 2
Width of cut 280-1200MM 350-1800MM 350-2440MM
length of cut 540MM 540MM 540MM
Sawblade dia.(optional) 10”-12”(Ø25.4MM) 10”-12”(Ø25.4MM) 10”-12”(Ø25.4MM)
Sawblade motor 2HPX4,3HP×2 2HPX4 2HPX4
Molding spindle dia. 25.4or30MM 25.4or30MM 25.4or30MM
Length of cutter 80or100MM 80or100MM 80or100MM
Molding spindle motor and speed 3HPX2, 7000RPM 3HPX2, 7000RPM 3HPX2, 7000RPM
Sawblade speed 3300-3600RPM,50HZ/60HZ 3300-3600RPM,50HZ/60HZ 3300-3600RPM,50HZ/60HZ
Sawblaade and molding spindle tilt 360° 360° 360°
Packing dimensions(rail dismantled) 2300X1100X1600MM 2900X1100X1600MM 3500X1100X1600MM
Net weight 1000kg 1110kg 1220kg
Gross weight 1170kg 1240kg 1280kg