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Are you looking for Finger Joint Machines and Laminating Machine for your business?

Boarke group Machinery offers a wide variety of finger joint machine and laminating machine options are available to you.

For response the limited supply of global wood resources. The short material is jointed into long material through the finger joint machine to maximize the use of wood.

Finger jointing machine is the key equipment for producing laminated oanels. Its equipment can be divided into two parts: milling finger shapes/gluing and finger assembler. Such as the production of block boards, pillars, furniture, etc., it is ideal processing equipment for improving the utilization rate of wood, longitudinally gluing and joining into long-sized specifications. It can also be used for butt joint operation of square wood, plywood and round wood in the construction industry.

Solid wood laminated machine: It is made by cross-butting with finger shape in the longitudinal direction, and then gluing / pressing it become - solid wood finger joint board/integrated board/laminated timber.

Plywood laminated machine: there are two categories - plywood is divided into fine core board, which is made up of several layers of veneers (fine core plywood/plywood/solid wood plywood/multi-layer solid wood board/plywood) and large core board (also known as woodworking board) , wood core board) is based on a piece of wood as the core, and then two layers of thin boards are used to sandwich.

 Boarke group also accept customized machines with special requirement to solve production efficiency problems for you. For more details, please send an inquiry to us.