Product Description
Sample from this machine

Suitable for super-hard materials and special materials, high rigidity structure ensures stability of processing.

  • 5-asis high pressure waterjet cutting head.
  • Cantilever design for convenient workpiece positioning.
  • Suitable for metal, stone and special material cutting.
  • Suitable for processing products with complex design such as propeller.
Max.working area 2000×6000mm
Max.workpiece aheight 200mm
Rapid speed  X/Y axis 40M/min
Rapid speed  Z axis 20M/min
Max.spindl speed 24000rpm
Spindle  A axis ﹢100°/﹣40°
Spindle  C axis ±220°
Spindle  type Waterjet
Vacuum pump INT PRO 60HP
Max.pump pressure 90000PSI
Abrasive feeding system ABL-Ⅲ500#