• Up and down multi-piece of saws.
  • Remove the traditional chain & gear transmission, change to two-stage gear transmission. Separately drive the upper and lower feeding wheels.
  • The diameter of the saw shaft is 70mm, which is convenient for assembling.
  • The saw shaft is made of nickel-chromium-molybdenum of alloy steel.
  • Alloy working table is embedded after double treatment of carburizing and hard chrome plating with high wear resistance .
  • 10 upper and 8 lower feed rollers have powerful feeding.
  • The universal joint is made of cast iron to provide maximum durability.
  • Top and bottom anti-kickback fingers are for safety protection.
  • Saw shaft of motor has overload protection of function.
Max. thickness of cut 200 mm
Max. width of cut 240 mm
Saw blade diameter of upper 14" (355mm)
Saw blade diameter of lower 16" (403mm)
Saw spindle speed 2900 - 3000 RPM
Saw spindle diameter 70 mm
Feed speed 5-10 M/min
Number of feed rollers 10
Number of table rollers 8
Table surface area (width) 320 mm
Table surface area (length) 3235 mm
Saw spindle motor (upper) 30-50HP
Saw spindle motor (lower) 50-75HP (Option)
Feed drive motor 7.5HP
Upper saw spindle elevation motor 1 HP x 1
Lower saw spindle elevation motor 1 HP x 1
Upper feed roller elevation motor 1 HP x 1
Net weight 2900 KGS
Gross weight 3300 KGS
Machine size 4225 x 1349 x 1930 mm
Packing dimensions 4445 x 1549 x 2184 mm