Product Description
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Single and double working table designs allow customers to have a wide range of options to fully meet the processing needs.

  • Two spindles, two ATCs.
  • suitable for machining complex parts and featuring the efficiency of mass production.
  • Typical applications: cabinet doors, solid wood doors, dining tables and chairs.
  • BWM-S682AVD
  • Two spindles, two ATCs two tables.
  • The machine can achieve the machining of two different parts simultaneously to meet flexible machining requirements.
  • Perfect for producing long parts. Designed to overcome the difficulties associated with complex parts machining.
  • Type applications: bedroom sets, dining tables and chairs, solid wood doors and office furniture.
  • BWM-S8164AH
  • Four spindles, four ATCs.
  • Designed for producing massive parts with high production requirements.
  • BWM-S5104MH
  • Four spindles.
  • Manual tool changer system.
  • Provides consistent parts machining for mass production requirements.
Max.working area 1550×3050mm×2tables 1830×2440mm×2tables 2500×5000mm 1830×3050mm 1550×3050mm
Max.workpiece aheight 200mm 200mm 500mm 200mm 200mm
Rapid speed  X/Y axis 40M/min 40M/min 40M/min 40M/min 40M/min
Rapid speed      Z axis 20M/min 20M/min 20M/min 20M/min 20M/min
Max.spindl speed 24000RPM 24000RPM 24000RPM 24000RPM 24000RPM
Spindle type ISO Air cooling ISO Air cooling HSK water cooling ISO Air cooling ISO Air cooling
Spindle motor 12HP(9KW)×4pc 12HP(9KW)×2pc 20HP(15KW)×4pc 12HP(9KW)×2pc 12HP(9KW)×4pc
Vacuum pump power 15HP(11.25KW)×2pc 15HP(11.25KW)×2pc 20HP(15KW) 20HP(15KW) 15HP(11.25KW)
ATC 8 plastic grippers on the spindle side (carousel type)