Product Description
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Boarke's gantry 5 axis CNC machine is an ideal choice for large workpieces, able to process complex shapes from any direction and cut hard metals, plastics, or other materials. Besides, we can also design axes of the gantry CNC machine according to your needs. The following are standard models of our gantry 5 axis CNC machines.

  • One spindle with infinite working area design.
  • We can design X, Z and Y axis according to the customer’s demand.
  • Suitable applications: extraordinary large moulds, Styrofoam, artworks and outdoor construction material.
Max.working area 1320x2540mm 2000x3000mm
Max.workpiece aheight 1500mm 1600mm
Rapid speed  X/Y axis 60M/min 60M/min
Rapid speed  Z axis 24M/min 24M/min
Max.spindl speed 24000rpm 24000rpm
Spindle  A axis ±110° ±110°
Spindle  C axis ±220° ±220°
Spindle  type ATC Water cooling ATC Water cooling
Spindle motor 14HP (10KW) 14HP (10KW)