Product Description
Sample from BOARKE 5-Axis Wood CNC Double Column Machining Center
Sample from this machine

Single and double working tables of this wood CNC double column machining center are designed for complex products, which are strategically designed to handle complex tasks efficiently, thereby optimizing processing time. Our CNC double column machining center is an advanced solution designed to elevate woodworking precision and productivity. The following are highlights of this machining center:

  • Featuring one spindle, one Automatic Tool Changer (ATC), and the flexibility of one or two tables, this wood CNC double column machining center offers versatile configurations to meet diverse woodworking needs.
  • Suitable for high-end & complex product production.
  • This cutting-edge technology finds its application in a spectrum of industries. Typical applications such as moulds, artworks, customized furniture, and musical instruments. As wood CNC machine suppliers, we also provide other machines like CNC wood router machines, welcome to learn more!
Max.working area 1220×2440mm 1200×2400mm(2tables)
Max.workpiece aheight 1000mm 1000mm
Rapid speed  X/Y axis 60M/min 60M/min
Rapid speed  Z axis 24M/min 24M/min
Max.spindl speed 24000rpm 24000rpm
Spindle  A axis ±110° ±110°
Spindle  C axis ±220° ±220°
Spindle  type ATC Water cooling ATC Water cooling
Spindle motor 14HP (10KW) 14HP (10KW)
Vacuum pump 10HP (7.5KW) 10HPx2 (7.5KWx2)