Product Description

Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system provides power for infeed conveyor belt feed. High quality hydraulic parts assure maximum motion smoothness and long service life.

Variable Feed Speed

The infeed conveyor belt speed. Can be changed by shifting the flow control lower. Feed speed range from 0 to 25 M/min.(0~82 ft/min.) allows for resawing all types of material-hard and soft.

Double Infeed Pressure Roller

The specially designed double infeed pressure rollers provide added stability. The pressure rollers are loaded by air cylinders.

Pressure on each roller can be adjusted individually to meet various types wood materials.

Infeed Conveyor Prive Motor

The infeed conveyor belt is driven by a high pressure hydraulic motor, providing powerful drive and extremely smooth feed motion.

Sawhead Tilting Mechanism

The sawhead can be tilted 0˚-45˚, permitting barrel cut. Sawhead tilting is driven by a motor for convenient operation.

The sawhead tilting motion is transmitted by a precision ball screw combined with linear motion guide, assuring accurate and smooth operation.

  • With Digital Readout
  • Feed conveyor can be lowered or raised as needed
  • Digital readout for angle adjustments
  • Digital readout for blade height adjustments Band Wheel Tracking by Liner Guide Way
  • Pneumatic Pressure Roller System for Accurate Cutting
  • Hold Down Roller by Air Cylinder
  • With Return Conveyor: Belt size 185mm x 5470mm
  • With Mist Coolant System for Saw Blade
  • With Air Compensation System
  • With 30HP Inverter
• Saw Head tilting from 0 to 45 degrees
• Feed Conveyor can be lowered or raised as needed
• Digital readout for angle adjustments
• Digital reaout for blade height adjustments
• Maximum working size piece 300mm high x 300mm width
• Balanced Band wheel Diameter = 28"
• Feed Speeds from 0 - 60 ft/min
• 25 HP 3-phase electric motor
• 4" Saw Dust Exhaust Outlet