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Wood is a kind of biological material. After being cut from the trees, it still contains rich moisture inside, and this moisture will affect the important factors of the variation of wood size, density, physical properties, and mechanical strength. Therefore, in order to ensure the dimensional stability, mechanical strength, and physical properties of wood, drying treatment has become an indispensable procedure for wood.

Timber goes through many complex procedures from cutting, transporting, lumbering, and drying to processing. Drying is just one of these steps, but it is a crucial process in the preservation of wood.

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Wood drying methods:

Natural drying method (air drying)

store the wood in a ventilated place under the shed, and through the wind and temperature of the air to reduce the moisture content of the wood. It is time-consuming to implement. In this period, due to the large temperature difference between day and night, the shrinkage rate increases and cracks, and the deformation range is large, which reduces the utilization rate of wood, and the moisture content of the whole batch of wood cannot be unified.

Artificial drying method (kiln drying)

The wood is placed in a kiln or furnace and heated with steam or hot air to reduce the moisture content of the wood and dry it. There are also special drying methods such as high-temperature drying, vacuum drying, and high-frequency drying.

Advantages of kiln drying
  • The drying time is shortened, and the drying can be completed on schedule without being affected by the weather season.
  • The moisture content of wood can be reduced to the dryness required for use.
  • Increased strength, no expansion and contraction, easy process, and laminated stronger.
  • It is not easy to rot, discolor, or mildew, and can kill pests in wood.
  • Because of its lightweight feature, it can reduce transportation costs.
  • Make preservatives easy to inject into the wood.
  • Easy to paint.

Electronic Type Klin Dryer:

  • This is ideal for drying various thicknesses of wood material. It offers high drying performance. No warping, checking, or discoloring occurs.
  • Automatic temperature and moisture control ensure dependable quality.

Electronic Constant Temperature And Humidity Machine:

Versatile Drying Applications
  • Wood and semi-finished products drying.
  • Furniture humidity treatment before painting.
  • Warehouse humidity conditioning.
  • Incense, mosquito incense, and herbal drying.