Product Description

Powerful Hydraulic System

The hydraulic system consists of high quality hydraulic parts, featuring long service life and low heat generation.

Manual Blade Tension Control

The blade tension is adjusted by turning the tensioning handle.

Large handle design facilitates blade tension adjustment.

Easy to Elevate Saw Wheels

Manual elevation of saw wheels is transmitted through a worm gear mechanism for easy operation.

Both elevation screws are linked by a shaft to ensure synchronized elevation of saw wheels.

  • Single saw head configuration.
  • Manual saw wheel elevation.
  • Variable feed speed by hydraulic motor drive.
  • Manual blade tension adjustment by a handle.
Max workpiece size (W x H) 300 x 250 mm (12"x10")
Distance from blade to conveyor table 3-125 mm
Conveyor belt size 285 x 5480 mm (11-1/5"x215 3/4")
Saw wheel diameter Ø28" x 1"(W)
Feed speed 5 to 25 M/min
Saw blade size (L x W x T) 4265 x 27x 0.90mm (168" x 1")
Saw wheel motor 20 HP
Hydraulic system motor 2 HP
Dust hood diameter Ø 4" x 3
Net weight 1000 kgs
Packing       Frame 2180 x 1140 x 1140 mm
dimensions    Conveyor 2870 x 640 x 600 mm