Product Description
The feeding system is driven by a pole-change motor, combined with variable speed pulley for wide speed range.

Boarke's gang rip saw machine is equipped with an anti-kickback device, which is mounted at the in-feeding end to protect the operator.

The upper and lower feed rollers are transmitted by universal shafts. It has the characteristics of synchronous transmission and the max. of feeding.
  • Feeding wheel is pressed work-piece by pneumatic and on synchronous drive with reduction gear. Sawing ability is powerful.
  • Four upper and two lower feeding rollers run synchronously. Feeding is powerful.
  • Upper anti-kickback device for safety protection.
  • Lifting of sawing shaft and feeding wheel are electric.It’s easy to adjust and save time and effort.
  • Our gang rip saw machine is equipped with an overload protection device on sawing shaft. When overloaded, the feeding motor and cutter shaft motor will all stop to ensure safety to make a long life for the gang rip saw.
Used circular saw dia. 250mm(10") - 405mm (16")
Max. workpiece thickness 122mm (4 3/4 ")
Max. circular saw inner & outer range 320mm (12 1/2")
Circular saw spindle dia. 70mm +20x6 Twin diagonal square key
Circular saw revolution speed 4000rpm
Number of feeding roller Upper feeding roller 4pcs,lower feeding roller 2pcs
Feeding speed Adopts vari-pole motor and coupled with stepless varible speed
Circular saw power 30HP / 50HP on Request
Circular saw elevating power 1/2HP
Feeding power 3HP (4P/8P)
Roller elevating power 1/2HP
Machine size 2060x1030x1530mm
Measurements 2270x1210x1600mm
N.W./ G.W. 1600/1800kgs