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Our scrap crusher & incinerator completely treat the dust in the factory, making the air in the working environment favorable, reducing peculiar smell, capturing dust, creating a comfortable working environment, improving work efficiency, and avoiding affecting human health.

Description of dust collection equipment:In the general industrial process, granular pollutants control equipment can be divided into five types: gravity sedimentation, cyclone dust collector, bag dust collector, electrostatic dust collector, and wet dust cleaner.

For different pollutants and emission conditions, the most suitable method must be considered to meet economic benefits and environmental protection requirements.

The described as follows
  • Gravity sedimentation type:It is a type of expansion type, used to remove large particles with a particle size of 40-60um or more, mostly used as a pre-treatment device, and is not used by the market.
  • Cyclone dust collector:Used to remove particles with a particle size of 5um or more. The applicable time is coarse dust, high concentration dust, or when the dust removal efficiency is not high. It is often used as the front of the bag dust collector and electrostatic dust collector.
  • Bag dust collector:One of the most commonly used to collect granular pollutants. The removal efficiency of particles below 1um is high. The applicable time is high dust removal efficiency, dust recovery with economic benefits, and the temperature of exhaust gas can be reduced to more than 200 degrees Celsius. Below or dust is non-adhesive.
  • Electrostatic precipitator:Same as the bag filter, it has high removal efficiency for particles below 1um and is suitable for high-efficiency dust removal, dust recovery with economic benefits, and high-temperature exhaust gas dust removal (exhaust gas and dust are not explosive).
  • Wet dust cleaner:The equipment uses liquid without particles and harmful gases, but the removal efficiency of particles below 1um is not good. The applicable time is when the exhaust gas needs to be cooled, combustible and explosive dust and gaseous pollutants need to be removed at the same time. This equipment will generate sludge and wastewater, and maintenance costs need to be considered.

Dust collector and related dust-proof equipment

Dust collection related equipment includes magazine type dust collector, filter bag type dust collector, cyclone dust collector, small mobile dust collector, soundproof dustproof room and other equipment

Dust Collector

Dust collectors include cyclone, bag filter, and magazine dust collectors. Both the filter bag type and the magazine type dust collector can use the pulse cleaning function to keep the filter material with good filtration efficiency. Compared with traditional bag-type dust collectors, magazine-type dust collectors have the advantages of a larger filter area for the filter tube and a smaller body to save space.

Portable Dust Collector

Equipment use
  • Personnel safety, dust collection avoids health hazards
  • The environment is clean and safe, wood chips are flammable, and the dust collection system can reduce fire hazards
Principle of mobile dust collector
  • Contamination source is connected directly to the centrifugal blower suction by pipe or hose
  • The air outlet of the centrifugal blower is then connected to the filter bag holder or directly connected to the filter bag (portable)
  • The filter bag holder is tangentially entered to produce cyclone and dust effect (centrifugal force)
  • Dust falls into the collection bag due to gravity and the air is exhausted through the dust bag
Advantages of mobile dust collector
  • Inexpensive and easy to maintain
  • Equipped with casters so it can be easily moved

Portable dust collector

  • It can be close to the dust field to collect the dust produced by various processing machines, without piping, saving money, and greatly improving convenience and mobility.
  • Suitable for dust collection in grinding and cutting operations in woodworking, paperware, shoe industry, iron industry.
  • Using the centrifugal principle, the air is filtered and discharged through the upper filter bag, and the dust falls into the lower filter bag to collect, so as to achieve the purpose of dust collection.

Bag type dust collector

  • It can collect dust generated by various processing machines.
  • High efficiency, improve air quality.
  • Bag dust collection efficiency is high, and the filtering effect can reach more than 99.97%.
  • Principle of dust collection: The dusty gas passes through the filter cloth, so that the particles are intercepted on the filter cloth to achieve the purpose of dust removal.