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As a CNC router manufacturer, Boarke CNC wood router machine stands out for its exceptional design, enabling customers to conduct various processing tasks within a confined space, offering unparalleled versatility and functionality. Our CNC wood router machine is engineered to optimize woodworking processes, providing precision, adaptability, and flexibility in crafting a wide array of wood-based projects. Its compact yet powerful design ensures maximum productivity within limited spaces, making it an ideal choice for diverse woodworking applications. The following are the main features of our CNC wood router machinery:

  • E type machining center with 8 grippers on the table side ATC.
  • EB type machining center with drill group 8 grippers on the table side ATC.
  • EB type includes 6 vertical drilling heads.
  • Perfect for producing versatile DIY furniture in small quantities.
  • Can work with push sweep arm to push panels and clean table top.(optional)


Max.working area 1550×3100mm 1200×2400mm 1550×3100mm
Max.workpiece aheight 200mm 200mm 200mm
Rapid speed  X/Y axis 40M/min 40M/min 40M/min
Rapid speed      Z axis 10M/min 10M/min 10M/min
Max.spindl speed 24000RPM 24000RPM 24000RPM
Spindle type ISO Air cooling ISO Air cooling ISO Air cooling
Spindle motor 12HP(9KW) 12HP(9KW) 12HP(9KW)
Vacuum pump power 15HP(11.25KW) 15HP(11.25KW) 15HP(11.25KW)
ATC 8plastic grippers on the table side(linear type)