• Manual type, easy to operate.
  • Double-end circular saw device and vertical spindle can be used as tenon.
  • Sawblades and spindles can be tilted.
Number of rails 1 2 2
Width of cut 305-1200MM 700-1800MM 700-2400MM
length of cut 540MM 540MM 540MM
Sawblade dia.(optional) 12”-14”(Ø25.4MM) 12”-14”(Ø25.4MM) 12”-14”(Ø25.4MM)
Sawblade motor 2HPX2 2HPX2 2HPX2
Molding spindle dia. 25.4or30MM 25.4or30MM 25.4or30MM
Length of cutter 80or100MM 80or100MM 80or100MM
Molding spindle motor and speed 3HPX2, 7000RPM 3HPX2, 7000RPM 3HPX2, 7000RPM
Sawblade speed 3300-3600RPM 3300-3600RPM 3300-3600RPM
Sawblaade and molding spindle tilt 360° 360° 360°
Packing dimensions(rail dismantled) 2100X800X1500MM 2800X800X1500MM 3400X800X1500MM
Net weight 580kg/650kg/680kg 1020kg/1120kg/1220kg 1080kg/1180kg/1280kg
Gross weight 650kg/720kg/750kg 1100kg/1200kg/1300kg 1170kg/1270kg/1370kg