Product Description

Tilting Table

*The table tilts 20° rightward and leftward for bevel mortising.

Steel Rod Slideway

*The cutterhead travels on steel rods, ensuring maximum wear resistance and smoothness.

*The spindle is one-piece manufactured from aluminum alloy, featuring excellent heat dissipation, light weight and long service life.

Accurate Mortise Length Adjustment

*Mortise length adjustment mechanism is equipped with a mechanical meter for high accuracy.

  • Two tables built in the front and back of the machine provides high efficiency mortising operations.
  • Air clamps provides convenient workpiece handling.
  • Mortising width is adjustable.
  • Mortising depth is adjustable.
  • Table can be tilted 20°.
  • Table feed forward speed is variable.
  • Centralized control panel provides convenient operations.
  • Mortising depth is accurately controlled.
  • Table height is adjustable.
  • Mortising bit oscillating speed is variable.
Maximum width of mortise 120 mm
Maximum depth of mortise 50 mm
Oscillation rate 6.6~400 stroke/min
Table vertical adjustment 3"
Cutter speed 9500 R.P.M.
Maximum clamp thickness 4"
Oscillation motor 3 HP
Total horsepower 1/2 HP
Working air pressure 6 2.6 kw (3.5 HP)
Net weight 6 kg/cm²
Gross weight 700 kgs
Gross weight 800 kgs
Machine size 1300x1200x1200 mm
Packing size 1350x1310x1470 mm