• It is the most suitable cutting machine for finger jointing materials.
  • PC-B912 is the Advanced Edition and strengthens the structure of the saw table.
  • According to the length after removing the defect, the longest size is set up to cut.
  • Using the original program compatibility, the remaining material is long enough to be reused.
  • Touch screen operation with icon ICON guidance is easy for operator to identify and operate.
  • The controller controls 4 axes, has high-speed calculation, and can optimize the maximum size of cutting for up to 20 groups of sizes.
  • Using USB connection can make the program software upgrade and troubleshooting.
  • With the use of USB connection, It is possible to upgrade program software and conduct trouble shooting.
  • The Mitsubishi servo motor drives the feeding system, which has high-speed response, high torque and perfect protection.
  • The machine is designed with 7sets of top and bottom pressure rollers which enable the machine to fully exhibit its exceptional stability especially when cutting bent wood.
  • (Optional) Saw cutting can be driven by servo motor, which is more efficient than pneumatic type without air pressure consumption.  
Saw motor 10HP
Feed motor 3.5 Kw
Saw spindle speed 50 HZ 4000 r.p.m.
Saw spindle speed 60 HZ 4100 r.p.m.
Feed speed 15~150 M/min
Circular saw diameter ø455mm or ø505mm
Saw spindle diameter ø40mm
Height of bed (H) 900mm
Mini. cutting size (L×W×H) 300×30×10mm
Cutting accuracy (for material length upt to 1m) ±1mm
Cutting accuracy (for material length upt to 3m) ±2mm
Air pressure 7~9 kg/cm2